A new era where expiration dates and limitations are a thing of the past.
Our Flexi Non-Expiry option liberates you from the constraints of time. No more worrying about data expiration dates – enjoy continuous access to fast and reliable broadband, ensuring that your online experience remains seamless, unrestricted, and tailored to your needs.

Benefits include:

Personalized Control
Enjoy the ability to customize your broadband experience to meet your specific demands. Purchase your desired data quantity, ensuring that you only pay for what you require.
No more worrying about data expiration on Flexi Non-expiry. It's all about constant, uninterrupted connectivity.
All-in-One Convenience
Experience the convenience of an all-in-one solution with Flexi Offers. In addition to high-speed internet, enjoy mobile and landline minutes to call your loved ones anytime, anywhere.

How to subscribe:

Dial *900# on your Telecel mobile number, select your broadband account, and choose option 1-Fixed Broadband, option 1-Buy Bundle, option 1-Flexi Bundles, enter your preferred amount, and follow through with the prompt.

Terms and Conditions for Flexi Offers

For more information on Telecel Flexi Offers, click the card to learn more.

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